12th Annual Cyber Liability Insurance ExecuSummit
March 19 & 20, 2024

Mohegan Sun Hotel & Convention Center, Uncasville, CT

2024 Opening Keynote:

Immutable Assurance:

Pioneering a New Era of Cyber Risk Management

Bryan Daugherty, CCI, CBI, SME
Chairman of SmartLedger,
Blockchain Subject Matter Expert,
Public Affairs Director of Americas
TSC Committee Member at BSV Blockchain Association

We will delve into the transformative role of advanced blockchain technology in reshaping cyber risk management. Our focus will be on how this cutting-edge technology empowers insurers to significantly enhance their ability to mitigate risks and potential damages in the realm of cyber insurance underwriting.


During the presentation, we will unveil the groundbreaking potential of next-generation blockchain solutions in the cyber insurance industry. These innovations offer a paradigm shift in how cyber risks are assessed, managed, and insured, marking a new chapter in cyber risk management. Our discussion will highlight how this technology not only bolsters the security and integrity of digital assets but also brings about a revolution in transparency and accountability, critical factors in the effective management of cyber risks. This will be a deep dive into the future of cyber insurance, where advanced technology and strategic innovation converge to create a more secure and resilient digital world.

About Bryan:


With over two decades at the forefront of technological innovation, Bryan Daugherty stands as a visionary leader in digital transformation and a preeminent expert in blockchain technology. His journey over the past 6 years has seen a pivotal shift towards providing indispensable blockchain technical  advice  and  consultation,  solidifying  his  reputation  as  a  Subject  Matter  Expert  in blockchain-based information security.


At the Cybersecurity  and  Information  Systems  Information  Analysis  Center  (CSIAC),  a  key component of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Bryan's insights as a blockchain expert are not just valued; they shape future defense strategies. His role as the Global Public Policy Director for  a  non-profit  trade  association  in  Zug,  Switzerland,  further  amplifies  his  influence.  Here,  he advises  policymakers  across  over  30  countries,  demonstrating  a  tangible  impact  on  global blockchain policy.


Bryan's  expertise  is  not  just  recognized  in  closed-door  meetings  but  also  in  public  forums.  His testimony in Oversight Committee Hearings on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has been pivotal. Media giants like CBS MoneyWatch, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and others frequently seek his insights, underlining his standing as a thought leader in this space.


As a Co-founder, Chairman, and Technical Advisor for SmartLedger, the world’s premier blockchain distribution channel, Bryan has been instrumental in scaling blockchain technology across industries. His entrepreneurial spirit shines through in the co-founding of cutting-edge platforms that leverage blockchain for unprecedented security and  efficiency. His literary contributions, notably "Bitcoin and Ethics in a Technological Society," co-authored with Eva Porras, PhD., are a testament to his deep understanding and foresight in this field.


Bryan's proficiency spans Blockchain Information Security, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Blockchain Integration  &  Implementation,  and  Commercial  Blockchain  Application  Development. Organizations  worldwide  seek  his  counsel  to  harness  blockchain's  power  for  innovation  and growth. His dedication and visionary approach continue to carve significant advancements in the blockchain landscape, inspiring a new era of digital transformation.

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